Champion Coral Bay's Pennywhistle

sire: Ch Charlamar's Canyan Blue        dam: Ch Coral Bay's Fair Dinkum

Pennywhistle was co-bred by Carol Anne & Michael Giles and Emily Thiel.  Emily owns and beautifully handled Pennywhistle to her Championship.


C e r t i f i c a t e o f P e d i g r e e TN645535/02
BISS/Group Winner Ch. Charlamar's Canyan Blue Ch. Coral Bay's Fair Dinkum Ch. Hugapugs Little Bit of Bet Ch. Porter's Spirit of Eighty Six Ch. Sheffield's Bouncing Bet REG. NAME: TITLES: REG. #: BREED: PUG COLOR: Fawn BIRTH DATE: 08/26/2000 SEX: F ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Signed: Ch. Coral Bay's Penny Whistle BREEDER(S): Carol Anne & Michael Giles Emily Thiel OWNER: Emily Thiel CO-OWNER: N/A Ch. Sheffield's Little Red Wagon ROM Ch. Gerrie's Rory of Charlamar Gerrie's Gypsy of Charlamar Ch. Charlamar's Indian Scout ROM BIS/BISS Ch. Charlamar's J Randall Brown ROM Ch. Charlamar's Miss Tooie Broughcastl Amy of Charlamar Ch. Sheffield's Jersey Bounce ROM CH. Ivanwold Touch of Charlamar Ch. Ivanwold General ROM Ch. Charlamar's Briana ROM Ch. Charlamar's J Randall Brown ROM Ch. Charlamar's Orange Pumpkin ROM Ch. Charlamar's Goldilocks Ch. Larimar's Chip of the Old Block Int/Am Ch. Larimar's Surprise Ticket Ch. Jill's Win Chimes of Lil Mite Ch. Coral Bay's Admiral Skyler TN449495/02
Ch. Royal A's Bailey Irish Cream Coral Bay's Denim To Diamonds TN11111402
Atlantis Sea Nymph O'Tinghsai TM71322603
Ch. Charlamar's Indian Scout ROM Ch. Glory's Apache ROM TN15244305
Ch. Coral Bay's Sno Dove of Hugapug Ch. Glory's Sadie Hawkins TN31131805
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