Ch. Blaque's Harley of Sandi

  Harley was Owner-Handled to his Championship by Carol Anne & Michael Giles and 

                             was bred by Sandra Harrison & Mary Phillips.


C e r t i f i c a t e o f P e d i g r e e Ch. Blaque Broughcastl Madison Anidee's Such A Luv Of Sandi Ed's Ms Geneliska Ch. Ed's Such A Man Ed's Miss Katrina-H REG. NAME: TITLES: REG. #: TN48218604 BREED: PUG COLOR: Fawn BIRTH DATE: 01/06/1997 SEX: M ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Signed: Ch. Blaque's Harley of Sandi BREEDER(S): Sandra Harrison Mary Phillips OWNER: Carol Anne Giles CO-OWNER: Michael Giles Ch. Bonjor Clark Kent Ch. Bonjor Tuff A' Nuff Bonjor Crystal Ch. Broughcastl Barrister Ch. Voltaire Ch. Broughcastl Ivoiree Ch. Broughcastl Bon Bon Ch. Blaque's Looking For Trouble Ch. Blaque's Trouble Enough Georgia Lee Ch. Blaque's Canasta Ch. Bornfree Phire Fox ROM Ch. Blaque's Mary Ch. Blaque's Artful Abbess Paulaine's Royal Salute Paulaine's Don Juan Ch. Paulaine's Monetta Paulaine's Charger of Larimar Ch. Seacrest's Andy of Blaque Paulaine's Andrea Paulaine's Gertrude Ch. Nanchyl Zechim (English Champion) Ansam Valentino (English Import) English
Ed's Miss Mini Ansam Night Nurse (English) I certify that the information contained herein is accurate: Date